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Physical Condition Grading for Used Equipment

Although customers buying goods online have the right to return any goods within 14 days of receipt, it’s in everyone’s interest that our online customers can purchase used computers and peripherals without having the opportunity to view the items in person.

Scratches, dents and surface wear are not always obvious in the images of the equipment, so for this reason, we categorise our used equipment into ‘grades’ so that customers can have a clear description of the physical condition of the equipment.

Please remember that all our used equipment comes with a minimum of 6 month parts and labour warranty, regardless of physical condition.

We use the following grading system:-


In pristine or excellent physical condition. No scratches or dents. May have some very light surface wear.


In very good physical condition. No dents or major scratches. May have some light surface wear and/or minor surface scratches.


In good physical condition. No major dents or scratches. May have some surface wear, minor scratches or very small dents.


In fair physical condition. No major dents or scratches. May have obvious surface wear, small dents and/or medium scratches.


In poor physical condition. May have major dents and/or major scratches and obvious signs of surface wear.