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PC Repair Service

If you urgently need a PC Repair, please contact us as soon as possible: Phone us on 01324 881881 – or send an email to

We provide an efficient and economical computer repair service. We can source spare parts at excellent prices, so please don’t write off a good computer because you think it’s too expensive to repair. Please phone us for a quotation.

Once diagnosed we will give you an exact quotation which will detail all parts and labour required to effect a long-lasting and reliable repair. All our hardware repairs are guaranteed for six-months.

PC Repair – Hardware or Software Faults

Not every repair requires replacement ‘parts’. Very often computers can seem faulty when there is no actual hardware fault at all. These are software problems; where an important system file is lost or corrupted, or even a virus attack. Computers can also get ‘clogged up’ with unnecessary background tasks and programs and just need ‘cleaned out’.

Be Careful Who You Trust with Your PC

To fix a software problem, most PC Repair shops (including PC World), will simply erase the storage disk and re-install the system software. It’s very easy and only takes 30 minutes or so. BUT if you haven’t backed up your data, you will LOSE ALL YOUR FILES. We will ALWAYS try to do your repair in a way that will preserve your valuable files and documents.

We are the only PC Repair service in Scotland with more than 50 ‘5 Star’ customer reviews on Google. Preservation of customer’s files is how we have achieved so many great reviews.

Cost Effective PC Repair Prices

Our prices are very competitive, and we believe that we offer the best value pc repair and upgrade service in central Scotland. Please phone us on 01324 881881 or send an email to

Data Recovery

Quite often, a PC Repair is required due to mechanical deterioration or failure of your PC’s hard disk and there is a very high chance that you will lose all your files. We believe that we offer Scotland’s best Data Recovery Service. We’ve been successfully recovering data from failed hard disks for more than 25 years. Again, we have more than 50 5 Star Google Reviews, many relating to our Data Recovery Service.

If you want to know more about Data Recovery please go to our Technical Posts area.

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PC Repair
PC Repair
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