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These are services we provide for customers with urgent problems. Payments are made via our Stripe Payments Gateway. Your personal details and card details will not be recorded on this site.

After clicking on a ‘Pay Now’ button, there will be a short pause while you are redirected to our Stripe Payments Gateway. When your payment has been accepted, you will be redirected back to this site.

You will automatically receive a receipt from Stripe via email.

Remote Access Connection - £30.00

This is a remote access connection to your computer using TeamViewer for a period of up to one hour. During this time we will diagnose any problems and effect repairs wherever possible.

Most computer issues are software and settings problems and can be repaired via remote access. However, computers will occasionally have hardware problems that cannot be repaired remotely and a physical repair may be required.

Site Visit Call Out - £70.00

This is a visit to your home or business by one of our IT Technicians. The price includes our Callout Charge and the first hour of labour time.

This is a service we offer where your computer is not capable of starting up and/or not able to connect to the internet.

Most problems can be repaired on site. However, computers will occasionally have hardware problems that require specific new parts to be fitted.