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Networks and Internet

Internet Connection and Network Problems

If you have a slow internet connection or other network problems, you may need help to setup your home or office computer network just call us on 01324 881881 or contact us via our Website Contact Form. We have vast experience in fixing internet connection and network problems, and setting up all kinds of networks in many different environments:-

Home or Office Wireless Networks

Whether for the home or business, a wireless network is the most convenient in terms of ‘no mess’ and ‘no drilling of holes’ etc. and for most uses the speed provided by a ‘N’ wireless network system is very adequate at approximately 300Mb/s. However these wireless systems are not always easy to set up and even when working properly are not always secure. If you’re unsure or having any kind of trouble please contact us for advice.

Wired Networks

For business users who need to transfer large files such as high resolution graphics, audio or video. Gigabyte Ethernet (1,000MB/s) is 4 times faster than N Wireless and 20 times faster than the older G Wireless. For small businesses in the creative industries Gigabyte Ethernet can make a massive difference and older networks can be easily converted. Most often older wiring can be used and it’s just the hardware that needs upgrading. Please contact us for a quotation.

Mixed Environments and Platforms

We have a great deal of experience in the set up of specialist mixed environments (wireless & wired) and mixed platform (Windows, Linux and Apple Mac). If you’re running a business with mixed platform computers, there is absolutely no need to be physically transferring data on disks from one machine to another. Please contact us for advice.

Slow Internet Connection and Network Problems

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Network Laser Printers

The cost of ink for ink jet printers is now so expensive that even a household with only two computers can benefit from using a shared network laser printer. However setting up a network printer is sometimes complicated by the fact that routers and other network devices change their addresses anytime there is a power cut and then network printers ‘get lost’. Usually a manual set up is required to prevent this problem. Please contact us if you need our help.

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