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Data Storage

Computer files are digital files and there are a number of different media types that can store digital media, and there are different locations where digital media can be stored. Getting a balance between reliability and convenience is a key issue. But before going into detail, it is important to stress that anyone who considers […]

Data Backup

Computer hardware can always be fixed or replaced and computer software can always be re-installed. But files that are lost due to storage media failure will be lost forever unless you have deliberately made copies and stored them on a separate storage system. Backup Storage Media for Data Backup The first thing to consider is […]

Data Recovery

We have a long-standing successful track record in lost data recovery and lost file recovery. Please contact us if you need help. Of all the things that can go wrong with computers, losing all of your data is absolutely the worst. For home users this can mean losing years of digital photographs, letters and emails. […]